Welcome to the inaugural TWIG Person of the Year Award

The TWIG Person of the year award aims to recognise an individual in the Retail industry who lives and breaths our TWIG ethos & has used their ‘Positive Power’ to great impact in their organisation, local community or beyond.



  • Someone who lives the TWIG ethos – Paving the way for women to thrive in their personal and professional lives
  • Someone who goes above and beyond to support others when needed in a considerate way.
  • Puts emphasis on making connections or networks to support and encourage others.
  • Supports others in raising their profile in the business or industry
  • Positive impact in relation to sustainability
  • Shares knowledge and experiences ongoing for the benefit of others.
  • Pro-active person – inspirational person, collaborative person
  • Someone who pushes the boundaries to create progress.

EXAMPLES OF POTENTIAL ENTRIES (but not limited to…) :


Someone who…

  • Volunteers their time to others in a coaching or mentoring capacity, professionally or personally in their home or community setting
  • Has set up a networking group/program of work within their company or community to support women returning to work from family leave / parents with young children
  • Regularly volunteers their time and expertise with a charity that is a vital support in their local community
  • Has been instrumental in leading a team through a turbulent time , encouraging, motivating, empowering people to navigate through the challenge

The successful nominee will win a prize to the value of €2,000

The coveted TWIG Person of the Year glassware

Professional Mentoring Program with professional coach and mentor Niamh Twyford

A luxury leather handbag from Irish luxury brand My Name Is Ted

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