IGBF Tour de Grocers Event info

I have the honour of representing the IGBF as President of Appeals for 2022, and after working in our great industry for over 30 years I am doing this to step outside of my comfort zone a little and give something back to our sector.

As you know it is extremely unique to have our own charity to raise funds for our own colleagues across the grocery sector. As it is our own charity we rely fully on the amazing support that is received every year from all the great companies and businesses across the Irish grocery trade.

As president of appeals along with supporting all the great events run by the various committees during the year it is also my duty to organise one unique event of my own making.

“Tour DE Grocers Cycle Challenge “

In the past, you would have received a president’s annual appeal letter to request a donation but this year I would like to do something special and different. I have decided that if I am going to ask you for a donation I need to earn it. As a result, I have decided to take on a special challenge and cycle 600km in four days from 15th to 18th of June which I can promise you for me is a serious challenge but one I am willing to take to raise much-needed funds for our own industry charity the IGBF.

I am asking you with a heavy heart to please consider sponsoring me €2.50 per KM which is a total of €1,500, and if not feasible to sponsor me the full amount I ask that you please consider a donation of your choice.


Along with asking you to sponsor the president to take on this cycling challenge, there is also an option for you or some of your colleagues to take part in this cycle with me for either the full tour or perhaps a stage of the Tour.

Please find attached details of “The Tour De Grocers” cycle event and I would be so grateful if you would sponsor me and or book a place on the tour on behalf of our own charity, which as you know is very much needed to help worthy recipients who have worked in our grocery industry and genuinely need the support of the IGBF

I am pleased to let you know that I have secured a major sponsor for this event “ Barilla the makers of world-famous pasta and sauces “ I also have booked Sean Kelly to cycle the last stage of the event and have secured sponsorship to cover this from a very much loved chocolate bar in Ireland “ Catch “.

Thanks to securing these sponsors this allows me to ensure that all costs are covered so that

your sponsorship and donations will go directly to the charity.